JC Marine offers plumbing and sanitation services maintaining, repairing, servicing holding tanks, fresh, grey and black water systems on boats along the south coast.

Heads, holding tanks & waste hoses are not particularly pleasant at the best of time especially if they go wrong     

Our mobile services include ;

  •  blocked heads/waste pipe

  • discharge pumps

  • head replacements, upgrades & electric conversions

  • toilet servicing 

  • winterizing toilet/fresh water systems/AC

  • vacuum pump repairs

  • shower sump pumps

  • vacuum generators

  • fresh water pumps

  • head treatment systems

  • holding tanks

  • holding tank gauges

  • sea cocks & diverter valves

  • calorifiers/ heating 



we can source, supply and fit most toilets,pumps and ancillary items 

please leave inquiries through our contact us section 

Toilet servicing & winterization


marine heads require very little maintenance but if left neglected can be troublesome and messy. a small amount of biodegradable marine descaler should be used to flush the discharge hose to help the build up of calcium build up.

if the waste system is going below freezing it is good measure to empty the heads,hoses and holding tanks or adding  a non toxic bio degradable antifreeze 

Blocked toilet waste hose

Heads flushed with salt water accumulates calcium build up in the discharge hoses. calcium deposits cause a head to get progressively harder to flush, and it is scale on the valves that allows water in the discharge line to leak back into the bowl. Calcium deposits eventually lead to total blockage.

the discharge pipe then has to be replaced or flushed through to break up calcium blockage

Toilet servicing & winterization

pump q.jpg
Shower, macerator & discharge pumps

pumps are a important part of the boat plumbing system, they should tested frequently and in most cases never run dry. we supply, repair and maintain most types of water pumps, discharge pumps, vacuum pumps, sump pumps and macerator pumps from manufacturers including sealand dometic, johnson ect